7 Stunning Retro Hairdo Ideas: A Contemporary Look

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Are you a comeback lover? And love to have a chic look. You would go for an elegant outfit and modern footwear. But you are undone without a vintage hairdo. Fashion trends move in a circle from past to present, and hair fashion has revolved around the hoop.

We saw long-hair trendsetting in the early nineties. Later it turned into shorter hair-cuts. It revolves around rethinking. Statistics of a survey in 2017 in the U.K. exhibit that preferred to use hair styling products for personal care and .

In recent times if you have a hairstyling obsession, then don’t sit back googling a hair dress. Come up foot in the battle of trendsetting, try one you choose, and enjoy a gorgeous look with some recreation. You wish to channel a retro vibe in hairstyle. We have fabulous ideas for you to play with hairstyles.

Hair Buns

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Style up with side hair buns or have fun with all-over buns and give yourself a chunky look. Now give your fringe an upward wave effect. Accessorize yourself with stunning jewelry and get ready for a trendy expression. A survey conducted in 2016 highlighted that for summer hair expressions trends. You can opt for hair bun accessories to style up your hair dress perfectly.

Vintage Waves

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Have you planned to go out for a themed wedding and stress about your hair look? You can kick off with a retro hair dress. All you have to do is use a curling iron and make loose curls, and that’s it. You are ready with a splendid personality. Statistics of 2016 states that and loose hairstyles. This hair dress is a comeback of the 1920s and was not easy to do at that time.

Up-down Beehive

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This 1960’s hair expression will give you a chic look. Beehive hairstyle is piling up of hair in a shape like a beehive. If you are willing to stand out in a crowd with a beehive-modern style, you can opt for a half updo and the other half downdo. It’s all about a classy evening party with a vibrant makeover and fashionable dressing.

Faux Finger Hair Waves

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Finger waves were an in-demand iconic hairstyle of the 1920s. You love vintage glamor, give an instant dose of trial with finger waves updo and make yourself one out of 1000s. If you have a plan for a hangout or a formal meetup; a pinned-up ball with an elegant hair accessory works brilliantly.

French Twist

Are you desirous of a glamorous look for a workplace event or a classy wedding? Then a French twist is the best fit for you with a trendy outfit. Once combing is done, tie your hair in a ponytail, spin it clockwise, move your pony upwards and tuck in a hidden hair accessory. It was a famous hairstyle of the 1950s and 1970s.


You are thinking of a glamorous look then curls are a perfect fit for you. These are so playful. Use curling accessories like a heated curler to create bouncy curls. Now style your fringe curl backward and pin it. Let other curls down with bouncy curls and a modish look. Coiffures tucked up also give a stunning appearance especially with trendy long dresses and a delicate necklace.

Retro Look with Hair Accessories

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Oh my God! So delightful with vintage hair addons. Do you want a retro hair day and feel lazy to spend hours styling your hair? Here is a tip: use accessories like bows, bandanas, flowers, fancy and hidden hairpins for vintage expression with a modern twist.

Take Away

Give a spin to your look with forever retro hairdressing. Make it fun to change your appearance. Try chic updo and downdo to have a mod-look. Once you think of a particular hair day, visualize your appearance in mind, choose and let it try!




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